Scaling up the knowledge to empower the bleeding disorders community

European Haemophilia Consortium (EHC) Academy is a platform dedicated to the comprehensive education of the EHC National Member Organisations (NMOs), individuals with congenital bleeding disorders, and caregivers.


Treatment for All


Novel treatments

Novel treatments in haemophilia and other bleeding disorders

Treatment by cohort

Cohort-based approaches, tailoring treatments for diverse bleeding disorders


Educational and dynamic treatment learning tailored to you!


Latest EU Legislation

Discover the European health policy and legislative developments that directly impact the rare bleeding disorders community. 

Dive into the rapidly changing landscape of health policy with pre-selected legislative items on the EHC Academy Legislation page and our periodic Public Policy Review.

Treatment and Care

Access to Treatment and Care

Join the EHC Health Economics Training and participate in the EHC surveys to ensure patients’ access to optimal treatment and comprehensive care!

Advocacy Materials

Access various principles of care, guidelines, survey results, and other recommendations for the treatment and care of haemophilia and congenital bleeding disorders – all in one place!